It’s your big day. Let’s ensure you look your best.

There are so many difficult decisions to make for your wedding.

Finding the perfect outfit shouldn’t be one of them.

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Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Schedule your free consultation

Our Creative Director, Sam, will answer any questions you have, hear your vision for your big day, and connect your vision with a creative direction for fabrics and styling that will help you look your best. We are available to meet either in person or virtually, whatever is most convenient for you.

Interested in getting an expert opinion on the outfits for your groomsmen? We provide value packages that create a seamless experience for not just you, but also the other members of your wedding party. Custom suit/shirt packages, color coordination, and personalized delivery are available upon request at a competitive rate.

Step 2

Meet with our team & get measured

Connect with our Creative team to finalize your fabric selections, styling, and get measured for your custom wedding outfit.

From there our team will handle the manufacturing process and ensure all deadlines are met comfortably. Our garments take approximately 6 weeks to manufacture. We recommend at least 8 weeks of lead time to accommodate any adjustments you’d like to make after delivery.

Step 3

Personalized delivery

Once your new garments arrive, a member of our styling team will hand-deliver your new garments to the location of your choosing (your home, office, or our showroom) and ensure every detail of your outfit is fitted and styled to your liking.

If alterations are required, we handle that process, from drop-off, to pick-up, in two weeks or less.

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Additional Services

Groomsmen suits or tuxedos

We offer hundreds of different color, texture, pattern and fabric weight options to perfectly match the look, location and feel of your wedding.

All of our garments (trousers, jackets, shirts, etc.) are custom-tailored to the individual, and will be able to be worn for years to come.

Color coordination with your custom theme

Our goal is to meet that expectation with every aspect of the process that we touch (pocket squares, ties, vests, footwear, jewelry) by coordinating with the colors, textures and accessories already selected by you and your bride-to-be.

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We provide a wide range of accessories to complete your wedding look with the finest touches.

-Ties & bow ties
-Pocket silks
-Cuff links

Wedding Packages

We have curated a collection of pieces that are a one-stop-shop for all of your wedding weekend outfit needs for both the ceremony and rehearsal dinner. Those items include:

Wedding Day Attire

-Two-piece suit or tuxedo
-Custom formal shirt
-Necktie or bowtie
-Bespoke footwear (including patent-leather upon request)
-Pocket silk
-Cuff links

Rehearsal Dinner Attire

-Sport coat or casual jacket
-Custom casual shirt
-Custom casual trouser or bespoke denim
-Pocket silk
-Bespoke casual footwear (driver, loafer, monk strap or luxury sneaker)

Groomsmen Packages

20% off suit or tuxedo packages for parties of 4 men or more.

  • Our packages typically (but not necessarily) include a custom suit, tie and pocket silk for each man.

  • Participating gentlemen may include the groom, groomsmen, ushers, and parents of the bride or groom.

Common Questions

How far in advance do I need to order my outfit?

We recommend ordering your outfit at least 8 weeks before your wedding date to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Can you custom-fit my groomsmen who live out of town?

Yes! Our goal is to accommodate your entire wedding party, no matter the location. For those who live in a different state, we will connect with them over Zoom to walk through the measurement process step-by-step. Our team will send them a measuring tape, as well as a brief instructional video for taking measurements ahead of time. We also have an extensive network of expert tailors and clothiers around the country who are able to assist with the measurement process, when necessary.

How do I coordinate getting everyone measured?

Our team will create a Google Sheet to share with you through email. That will include details about the date that each groomsman was measured, and when they received their garments. From there, either 1) each person can share their contact information directly on that sheet, or 2) we can reach out to each groomsman directly to schedule a private fitting.

Do you offer alterations?

Of course. We expect that you will prefer to have a few minor adjustments to your suit before your wedding day. Our goal is to make those alterations and make a final delivery to you within a 2 week period. We account for all costs associated with the process.

Do you offer packages for groomsmen?

Depending on the size of your wedding party, volume packages with increased discounts and savings are available. Those details will be communicated during your Needs Assessment Call.

Tuxedos v. Wedding Suits


A well-fitted and properly styled tuxedo is the epitome of elegance and classic formality.

When a man thinks of a tuxedo, he should envision James Bond; timeless and stylish. Our Creative Director has the perfect selection of fabrics, ranging from brilliant royal navy, to a classic black twill, to bring your vision to life.

A tuxedo would be a good selection for your wedding day if: 1) Your bride intends to wear a formal gown, rather than a cocktail dress, and 2) your ceremony takes place in the evening.

Wedding Suits

Perfect for a slightly less-formal look.

A suit is the perfect choice for the groom who has no real need for a tuxedo beyond the date of their wedding, and whose bride is open to a slightly less formal look.

Our design team makes an effort to style wedding suits in a way that highlights the importance of the occasion, but allows for the suit to be worn for years to come as a versatile piece of the wardrobe.

Tradition states that navy, royal blue and mid gray are best for afternoon weddings. Evening ceremonies typically are associated with darker colors, such as midnight navy, charcoal or black. However, this is the 21st century, and rules are meant to be broken. We have worked with couples to create non-traditional wedding suits in brown linen, merlot, even champagne; and those outfits have looked outstanding.

Regardless of the color you choose, a custom-made wedding suit always outperforms and out-classes a rented suit or tuxedo. We recommend a custom-tailored white shirt with french cuffs, as well as a coordinating pocket silk and boutineer to complete the look.

Engagement & Rehearsal Dinner Outfits

This is a perfect opportunity to wear something more casual, yet stylish with those you love most. We have a special list of cashmere, silk and linen fabrics that we offer to clients for these occasions to create handsome sport coat outfits.

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